This Tapioca pudding has just the right amount of pandan flavor infused into it while it cooks. It is perfect for a hot summer day when served cold. It can be enjoyed warm too. After all the heavy food from a BBQ or dinner, it is great as it is and refreshing with toppings; it feels cold and refreshing when you gulp it all down; the perfect ending to any meal.

Many recipes that I’ve looked at seem to call for the tapioca pearls to be cooked separately from the coconut stock, but I’ve made tapioca cooked in mung bean soup before, and I never had to cook it separate; plus it’s an extra pan to wash!

While I wait for the coconut milk and water to come to a boil, I just soak the tapioca pearls. After making tapioca several times now, I find that this way does help it cook through better.

Here’s the Picture Walk (or scroll all the way down for the recipe):


2 cans coconut milk (13.5oz)

2 cans water (just refill the coconut milk cans)

1/3 cup of rock sugar or regular sugar (adjust sweetness to your liking)

2-3 pieces of knotted pandan leaves

3/4 cup small tapioca pearls


Add 1 additional can of coconut milk, plus 1 can water if you like your pudding more like a Dessert soup. This recipe came out more like a tapioca pudding.

Optional toppings (I would recommend choosing ONE below and putting the topping on upon serving):

-marinated Sweet Plantains (my aunt made this for the BBQ the other day, as a Halo Halo topping and I took some leftovers home for my tapioca)

– honey dew

-steamed taro cubes




1- Soak the tapioca pearls in water enough to cover it all in a measuring cup or bowl.

2- In a soup pan, bring coconut milk, water and knotted pandan leaves to a boil.

3- Lower the heat and add in the rock sugar to dissolve.

4- Drain the residual water from soaking the tapioca pearls, if any is left.

5- Pour in the tapioca pearls and keep mixing thoroughly throughout. Cook and mix on low/ medium low for about 8-10 minutes and shut the fire off and let it sit for about 5 minutes.


It is imperative that you DO NOT stop mixing, as the pearls stick to the bottom easily (and burn quickly) or the tapioca pearls will clump together.

6- Serve warm or cool down to room temperature and refrigerate for later.

7- Add toppings if you wish. Dig in!


If gets too thick the next day, add in a can of coconut milk and/or a can of filtered water and mix well.

My favorites are taro for chilly days and watermelon for hot summer days . I have a recipe on Taro and Purple Yam Dessert Soup that’s pretty easy to do, if you don’t have tapioca laying around.

What is your favorite topping to have with tapioca pearls?

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