There are so many inspiring quotes to reflect on from this great man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I chose this one this because I feel it resonates with me most, since I started Hopscotch Mom. I started my blog as a way to connect and share what I learned about what it means to become a now stay at home mom to my three little loves, in the essence of who I am, and will always be; an educator.

I tell all new parents to be that there’s no one way or “right way” per say to parent. I share that as long as your love your child, that is enough. As long as you instill a trusting and respectful relationship with your child, you are already doing everything that’s right. Everything else, you learn as you go and it’s different for every family; and that’s okay. Everything else depends on each individualistic family member and who they are are an unique being.

Sharing things that inspire me, has encouraged me to connect with others, even those who may not necessarily be a parent. I am learning that things that inspire me, can inspire others. I’ve learned that things I’ve had concerns about, others of thought of too; and vice versa. Everyone is connected somehow; everything is connected in some way.

When you succeed, you want others around to succeed. When we lift ourselves up, we only hope we lift others too; and vice versa; when a community succeeds, you would hope they would grow what they grew and reach out to those individuals, who may need help, because as explorer, Christopher McCandless had said and I truly believe, “Happiness only real when shared.” Can you imagine celebrating a victory, alone? Can you imagine sharing sadness alone?Empathy is still and will always set the grounds for who I am and how I relate to others. What good is anything that inspires, if not shared?

Since I’d had my children, I have been more inspired to go greener and make more eco friendly choices, more than any other time in my life. I felt as if I have finally grown to adulthood, as I now reflect on the world we live in and the type of world I want my children to grow up in . I want to show them what’s out there; and thought not everything is perfect to good; I want them to be kind, to listen and reflect and make their own smart choices.

I’ve learned about people whose shared stories of what drives them and what they do. I learned it is the content and quality of what you share, that gets people to connect with you. I’ve connected to some through art, teaching, parenting, traveling and now, our family strives to make better choices at keeping our earth healthier, a little at a time.

Wow, just realized I pretty much just wrote my reflection for my one year of Hopscotch Mom (Coming Up in mid-March)!I truly believe that I am a student for life and that life itself, is a lifelong journey, where everyone is always learning and growing; no one is perfect. What effects you, can effect others and their community; and the world. Let’s live everyday with a ripple effect in love, kindness and all things that help make humanity it’s best.

I shared my original inspiration via Connect through Art here . Feel free to take part in it!

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