Introducing Mamas Got Heart

Introducing Mamas Got Heart! After over 2 years of writing, cooking and reflecting, reviewing many eco friendly items, I have decided to open my own online store where you will find, “Purposeful, Practical, Fun and Mindful Goods.” The store has a several collections curated by me with collections for eco friendly home goods (tea towels, dish cloths), wool goods (handmade wool dryer balls and ornaments), PLAY collection (include Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks), party favor plastic alternatives, eco decorations, books, pins and even a dairy free collection! Thank you for your inspiration and support over the years leading me to launch this store!

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Easy Mini Corn Dogs

Not sure if I know any kid or any one that doesn’t like mini foods or food on a stick! I may be making a separate list on a at home Carnival Day one of these days. But for now, I’m proud to present the most perfect corn dogs with the perfect light and crispy exterior, soft and somewhat fluffy interior and juicy hot dog in the middle- the perfect ball me of rich, yet light and just a little salty and sweet. These Mini corn dogs are so easy to make and so tasty. A great pick me upper and it makes a day at home seem like a carnival day. All you need is hot dogs, flour, masa harina (or cornmeal ), milk, salt,‘pepper, baking powder egg and sugar. Use the leftover batter to fry cheese sticks!

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McDonald’s Copycat Cheeseburger from Scratch

Super easy McDonalds Copycat Cheeseburger. Stuck at home, but don’t want to order take out or delivery? Brighten up every kids day with this “happy” meal. It’s pretty much just ground beef, shaped into patties, with salt and pepper to taste. Read on to find out the method used to get the McDonald’s flavor!

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DaTerra Cucina Made in Italy 13 inch Wok and 8 Quart Dutch Oven Review and Giveaway

DaTerra Cucina Review of their non stick, lead and cadium free, PTAE and PFOE free, Made in Italy, anodized aluminum based Volcanic Ceramic 13 inch Wok and 8 Quart Dutch Oven! Also oven safe to 450F and dishwasher safe with silicone grip and glass lid and silicone seal.

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Low Sodium White Sauce Adobo Chicken

I’ve never met anyone who had tried Filipino Adobo Chicken and didn’t love it: chicken or pork simmered in soy sauce, vinegar, black peppercorns, bay leaf and sugar. I always try to reduce my salt intake (since my borderline hypertension scare about a year ago) and try to find ways to do it, without compromising the flavor of the food. Here’s my take on flavorful, low sodium white adobo chicken!

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