Hick’s Nurseries- Christmas Wonderland

Have you picked out your Christmas tree yet this year? Do you love unique plants and Winter Wonderland? Maybe all the holiday shopping online has been draining you of the Christmas spirit? Living in New York all my life, I really can’t believe I’ve ever been here. My husband found this place and we have been meaning to go for years now, but we never had a chance to, until now. It will now be a yearly trek to Long Island to visit Hick’s Nurseries. You come here and you feel as if you’ve traveled in time, back into childhood if days that beautiful trees and ornaments filled your eyes with awe, minds with magic and heart with joy. Come and reminisce on those nostalgic memories of childhood days, where you learn to live in the moment and appreciate the little things that spark great joy.

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Trekology‘s Lightweight, Collapsible and Portable Bring it Everywhere Table

I would have say my husband and I love this table and recommend it to anyone who loves to frequent the beach, camping or those who love travel or go on impromptu adventures. This table is waterproof, simple to set up, lightweight, collapsible, space saving and definitely the ultimate take it anywhere table for all your explorations! We’ve been tempted to even bring it out for use in the house and take advantage of its usability by creating an instant side table, coffee table, book table, lamp table, boardgames table and more. The number of ways you can use this table is wherever your creativity takes you! 

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Art Things I always have in Bulk

Kids climbing under the tables while dining out? Saying they’re bored at restaurants while they wait for food? Unexpected traffic on the way home? See some of my favorite items (that are light, convenient and not too messy) to pack on the go and other items I have in bulk at home. Anyone that knows me, knows I always have a few of these things in my bag at all time! Great boredom busters.

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