Friendsheep Wool Eco friendly Dryer Balls

Friendsheep Eco Friendly Wool Dryer Balls and Other Goods. These dryer balls are made with fair wage by Nepali Artisans in underprivileged communities and all their packaging is 100 percent recyclable and/or biodegradable and compostable. These adorable dryer balls work great to soften the load. I am more than happy having them found in random places in my home, as they unexpectedly bring a smile to my face whenever I see them. Add a few drops of essential oil to the dryer balls to gently scent the clothing. The fun designs and shapes of the dryer balls and air freshener make them a welcome addition anywhere in our home drawers, washing machine, children’s playhouse and more. Tuck in Spring or Easter Egg hunts, in goody bags, gift to adults and kids alike!

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LEGO Play!

How often do you stop and truly PLAY with your child(ten)? I encourage you to stop what you are doing at least once this month to just play! You will see your kids’ face light up, like never before. You, their parent who is usually working or cooking, cleaning or folding; it’s the most intriguing and endearing thing to them to see you laugh, be creative and play like a kid ! You are their role model. You are the person your child looks up to; their first teacher; their inspiration. What are you telling/ showing your child when you stop what you’re doing to play with them ? How does that make them feel? How does that make you feel?

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Trekology‘s Lightweight, Collapsible and Portable Bring it Everywhere Table

I would have say my husband and I love this table and recommend it to anyone who loves to frequent the beach, camping or those who love travel or go on impromptu adventures. This table is waterproof, simple to set up, lightweight, collapsible, space saving and definitely the ultimate take it anywhere table for all your explorations! We’ve been tempted to even bring it out for use in the house and take advantage of its usability by creating an instant side table, coffee table, book table, lamp table, boardgames table and more. The number of ways you can use this table is wherever your creativity takes you! 

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