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Missing dim sum these days, I decided to make my own Beef Cheong Fun. I had a pack of rice paper roll from my uncle (premixed with wheat flour and rice flour) and it came out quite good!



The set up was inspired by:

Cheung (Cheong) Fun – Rice Noodle Rolls Recipe

BEEF FILLING (you can replace with shrimp or do shrimp and beef)

The beef filling recipe was adapted from Dim Sum Central (it was spot on- except I doubled the recipe and used only half the oyster sauce since I didn’t want it to be too salty:

How to Make Beef Noodle Rolls


16 ounces ground beef

2 eggs, lightly beaten

6 tablespoons chicken broth(I used chicken bouillon powder and water)

4 tablespoons cornstarch

1 tablespoon oyster sauce

2 tablespoon soy sauce

1 tbsp Chinese rice wine

2 tablespoon sesame oil

6 green onions, chopped


(I had it premixed in the mix I had, but I plan to make my own next time since it’s hard to find the premix version during this time–I adjusted to 1 cup at a time–most recipes either call for a blend of rice flour and tapioca flour/wheat flour)

Noodle Recipe (for the most part I tried to copy the ratio of water to flour on the packaging)

3 cup flour

4.5 cup water

My Sweet Soy Sauce Recipe(I made 4 oz Mason jar size)

Whatever amount of sauce you are making, you can try and follow the proportions here. I made my own sauce since everything else I searched for seemed too complicated.

Pretty much equal portions of soy sauce and water (you can do more water and less soy sauce like me if you want it less salty)

Sugar to taste (I started with 1 tbsp then added more and it really depends how sweet you want the soy save)

1 tbsp sesame oil to taste


1- Prepare beef filling (add all and mix well- I mixed in only half the scallion to the filling and saved the other half to sprinkle to the pan -see photos- but you can just add it all to make it simpler).

2- Mix rice paper noodle batter .

3- Steamer set up and beef noodle process (see photos above)

Put water in your wok or steamer filled until just under the rack (I used an instant pot steaming rack).

I used 6 inch cake pans and a wok and instant pot steam rack to steam the beef cheong fun:

First, use a little oil to lol the pan (not too much)

Then, sprinkle or smear a thin layer of beef filling onto the plate.

After, you sprinkle a few pieces of scallions) to the same plate.

Finally, you ladle a very light coating of batter to the same plate (not too thick or it will be thicker – unless you prefer thicker rice noodles which will take longer to steam).

**Note: Add a little of the scrambled egg mixture if you’d like.

I put on the wok kid and steamed each plate on medium fire for 2-5 minutes. Try not to over cook or the noodles won’t be soft,springy and bouncy, it’ll get gummy)

**Note: I prepare each plate while one steams in the wok. I would’ve def used a larger plate to steam larger rolls, because this took a lot of time to finish one room at a time!)

4- Use a spatula to roll it (see Instagram stories).

5- Serve with the sweet soy sauce!

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