This Sunny Day Hair Salon Theme was chosen by Ayla this year! Very fitting, as she had said on the first day of school that when she grew up, she wanted to become a hair stylist!

Playing with hair accessories was always an activity the girls enjoyed year round at home. I even made a post and included one inspired by their love of playing with hair on Fine Motor Skills. It’s such a fun way for children to be expressive! It’s another form of art and learning. Boys and girls seemed to have had a fun time. The adults had fun clipping on colored hair extensions too.

Karma Organics sent us 2 of their kid friendly sets of nail polishes to review and I must say they are currently my favorite nail polish for kids. Though it smells similar to a somewhat milder version of regular nail polish, I am happy to learn that it is non-toxic and safe for pregnant women, kids and even cancer patients! I wish I knew about their nail polish when I was pregnant 3xs then– I had avoided nail polish all those years. Though the sets were more advertised for kids, I must say I am in love with the colors! The bright shades of pink, purple, green, orange and blue were astounding. They pop with fun and with so many color choices in the nail polish market today to chose from, I don’t think I could’ve hand picked prettier colors myself. The sparkle was plenty and easier to apply than others I’ve tried in the past and so sparkly. It’s been about a week and it’s more or less still on my kids’ nails. Other kid friendly “natural” brands I’ve tried in the last, peeled off within the same day that I painted them. They been through several baths and lots of play. I plan to try them out on myself soon.

We also got to try out their Organic Nail Polish Remover. It’s smelled amazingly of lavender; definitely not your typically nail polish remover for sure. It worked really well with almost no effort, to gently remove nail polish smears before they dried. A fellow mom at the party said it did help, though it took a little more effort for removing the stubborn standard nail polish that the other kids had on from before the party. It’s amazing that there is such a great alternative to the typical acetone nail polish remover, that sometimes gave me headaches inhaling while removing color from nails.

Baeblu provided the lip and cheek tint for the birthday party and for review. Here’s a little FAQ taken from their website:

What Ingredients Do We Use?

• Our BaeBlu products contain organic (including USDA organic), wild crafted,  fair trade ingredients

• We include steam distilled botanical extracts and exotic ingredients with therapeutic benefits

• Our formulas are boosted with anti-aging ingredients offering results in clean, green formulas

• We love our Earth, and our animal friends. Our products are never tested on animals

• Allergies or Ethics? We offer Vegan, Gluten Free, and Preservative Free makeup. Shop our collections: Vegan, Gluten-Free, Preservative Free

BaeBlu was perfect for this kids themed salon inspired birthday party because of all the natural and organic ingredients that were in there. It was a little tough finding kid friendly makeup that was made from natural ingredients. We’ve tried out cheaper make up sets that were cute and name brand, but sometimes, our kids had allergic reactions to them. No one at the party had any bad reaction to the cheek and lip tint.

We got to try out the rose and moscato color and they were perfect for the kids without being too dark or bright. It looked natural on their lips and the fact that it was also multipurpose, for cheek tint, it made it even more versatile to use! Took up less space than if I were to have separate tubes for lips and separate tubes for cheeks/blush. We used q-tips to apply the lip area and a brush to apply the cheek tint as blush and to keep it as sans germs as possible. It was a lovely combination, perfect for all the different kids and skin tones. I will be updating this post with photos with the cheek and lip tints accordingly, as I didn’t get to take any up close photos of that in person during the party.

We ordered Yaya Tea’s mini rice ball for snacking and being a hair salon theme, we wanted something fun for the guests to enjoy, Caffeine free fruity flavored bubble tea for the kids with yummy jellies and some adult ones with tapioca pearls and caffeinated tea. The bubble tea and rice balls were one of the best we’ve had!! You can really taste the tea here– they were really tasty, fresh, yet not too bitter and not too sweet at all— tasted amazing even after all the ice melted! The mini sized rice balls we preferred much more than the larger ones for parties. Perfect for someone to try a few and it wasn’t too filling.

We also had a few pizza pies, garlic knots and pasta from our favorite pizza shop, Rosa’s. We ordered from them last birthday too. I don’t believe I know any kid who dislikes pizza. My dad of course always love to continue by cooking some food as well: Lo mein, fried rice and pork chops this time with some steamed veggies.

One of our favorite places to order cake is La Canelle Patisserie. They have the most amazing and affordable cakes, pastries and sandwiches. We have ordered from them so many times now and everything is always perfect! Their almond croissants are the best and worth the trek to Queens just for that. The almond filling is that good! The Coco Fraise Cake we finally got our hands on this year– in the last, the parties were always too close to Mother’s Day and hard to come by. It was really exceptional with an almost cookie like crust layered with the coconut and strawberry mousse with great strawberry flavor and the perfect flecks of strawberries.

Yes, that was a lot of food. We always somehow overdo food at our parties because we love food so much and we try to cater to everyone, kids and adults.

Olivia and Esme both had themed parties this year (I still need to post Esme’s Pikachu one), so Ayla has the theme she wanted too. I told them this would probably be their last year with the big themes! Love the planning and creative aspects of the parties, but boy is it exhausting! So grateful for families and friends that come and help so much with the stations I set up. I would not be able to achieve all the parties without their help.

Here is the Picture Walk for the party:

Supply List

Here is a list of the materials used at the stations. Some were from Oriental Trading and others were from mostly Amazon. I’ve included links to the same or similar items on Amazon since it’s where I shop for my things most of the time:

Nail Station

Finger or toe separater ( didn’t use but sent them home as party favors- super cute!)

Karma Organics Kids Bundle Set 1

Karma Organics Kids Bundle Set 2

Karma Organics Nail Polish Remover

Mini glass nail filers ( for these for the kids- but would probably not get the glass ones if I were to redo them- they broke when I dropped it – just glad it wasn’t small glass pieces so relatively easy to clean up)

Adult favor glass nail filers ( these were pretty and cake with pretty nail stickers- stickers looked great on the kids nails and stayed in well- we used spray bottles with water to spray water in order to apply the sticker)

BaeBlu Cheek Tint and Lip Rose

BaeBlue Cheek and Lip Tint Moscato (we love the organic ingredients in this brands items)

Mermaid Brush (These brushes were so soft and colorful- we used this to dab in some cheek tint to spread them in cheeks)

Natural Made in USA Lip Balm ( This set smelled amazing! They were meant for boys if the didn’t want lip tints and given out as adult party favors for men without kids)

Honeybee Eyeshadow (we love the palette of the garden party and thought it was perfect for the kids- we used qtips to avoid germs)

Party favors and Headband/ Cap Decorating Station

Sweatbands (unisex)- kids can use this in the summer time when they are out and about sweating and playing ! Fits adult heads too.

Alex Headband Sets (these looked great on the kids!)

Blank Caps

Sharpie Fabric Markers

Tulip Fabric Markers

Highlights and Curling Station

Clip on straight highlights ( these were somewhat ombré and absolutely gorgeous- my youngest, who is 3 can use them on her own without help!)

Clip on curly highlights ( these were somewhat ombré and absolutely gorgeous- my youngest, who is 3 can use them on her own without help!)

No heat foam curlers ( didn’t get to use because of the large group and limited space at my house- I tried these on my kids weeks prior and love how easy they were to use)

Felt Mustaches (we got our set off Oriental Trading- here’s a similar set off Amazon)

Music Video Props

Gorgeous Silk Scarves (this set was beautiful! A great large size and some of the colors were ombré- large enough to tie as a scarf or headband and also great to wave in the air to dance with)

Bell Bracelets (bell bracelets are always fun, albeit, I’ll have to say it was not necessary as the scarves were plenty to feel the dancing vibe in the small space we have–however if you have a large space or a large group, it would be a great addition- any musical instruments would be fun to add on to the music video)

Miscellaneous and Party Favor Items

Wooden combs

Cute Nail clippers (guests took home as nail clipers

Handheld Mirrors (loved these – but I do wish I chose shatterproof ones instead– my kids stepped on one and it cracked, though thankfully it was easier to clean up than other glass items that might break).

Jewel Stickers (These were so shiny and pretty, but probably not worth the price for the small amount it came with– I wish I would’ve cut these sheets in half or into thirds— I didn’t have enough for everyone to decorate a mirror, but had extra puffy stickers as back up that I use when my kids make slap bracelets).

These puffy stickers were a fantastic assortment! I gave them to whoever wanted to use these instead of jewel stickers. I save leftovers for slap bracelets too.

Hair Accessories

Butterfly mini claw clips (they are so easy for little hands to use and they look beautiful in hair- it holds flyaway hairs really well too and are sturdy- however, if you step on them, they will break easily).

Butterfly pearl alligator style clips (great for kids that don’t have much hair)

Metallic Scrunchies (these are so pretty- so many variations of the metallic Scrunchies– some are more rainbow metallic, some are more pink and others more t pastel metallic- great set at amazing price, but quality could be better as there were some threads dangling here and there– but for the price and quantity and purpose for a party, it served its purpose-one of my favorite pretty buys)

Mickey Mouse Hair pony ties (super cute and small and a great price with fifty pieces under $4)

Felt flower clips (great for kids who don’t have much hair–really sturdy, pretty and well made )

Clamp Clips (I used this for kids who got to the party with their hair down and needed hair to be out of the way temporarily before the makeover fun)


Gummy Bracelets (yummy, but on the chewier side like Haribo gummy Bears)

Ring Pop ( these ring pops were called jewel pops- they were smaller than the regular ring pops- I think I might like it better because it didn’t stain the kids mouth as much- can’t speak for the flavor though)


Trifold Vanity Mirror (the one I purchased for the party worked great, but smaller than I expected–perfect kid size vanity mirror, but keep in mind it is a real glass mirror- it gave the party a glam feel!)

Melissa and Doug Wooden Vanity Mirror (This vanity set is very well made and beautiful! I love how it’s all wooden and not plastic like the majority I’ve seen and pretty affordable too– I highly recommend- the kids got to test this out before the party and played with it for hours!)

Organizational trays (which I ordered but didn’t get to use)

Wooden Jewelry Making Beads (chose wooden because i thought it may be more eco friendly than plastic beads and more “unisex”– didn’t get to use because it turned out that the other stations were enough-they weee beautiful bu much much smaller than i expected)

Snip It Mousse (love that the ingredients were kid friendly– but didn’t get to use)

Snip Its Hair Spray (love that the ingredients were kid friendly– but didn’t get to use)

Colored Hair Chalk (showed up better in some people’s hair than others- I would probably not purchase this again because it was time consuming)

Disposable Biodegradable and Compostable eco friendly hair salon towels (for those who wanted to try hair chalk to present their shirts from getting wet or dirty- they were just large enough to tie around the kids neck- this would be a great option when cut into fourths for guess to dry their hands)

Bottles Sprays (for hair chalk and nail stickers– these sprayed really well with no means– I gave a few out at the end of the night for people who wanted to use them for their plants)

Beading String

Everyone Hand lotion (to make it feel like a nail salon!)

Makeup / Jewelry/ Vanity Organizers

(These were so pretty and worked well to hold all the hair accessories and nail polish– great for use after the party as well to organize things – I love how I was able to take the top off where the nail polishes were and put it at a different station than the hair accessories )

Sharpies (to write down the names on all items such as combs, curlers, etc)

Reusable Fruit Tote Bags (I used straw bags from Oriental Trading on sale – but these I used another year for Ayla’s Fairy Garden Party for adult party favors- who come, but don’t have kids)

Fanny Pack (for boys or girls who prefer this–as a hair salon theme, I was going to do waist aprons, but I thought Fanny packs and purses may get more use of of them- so I went with these to store their accessories and favors – the ones from the party were from Oriental Trading )

Jelly bracelets were leftover from the girls’ 100 Day Project we did this year. I love how they double as ponytail ties and you can layer them to express yourself!

Final Note

It was a fun party to remember for sure! I tried to pick items that would last, and not be immediately thrown away. I love treating parties and events like a learning experience because it will sit with you in your heart and I hope everyone that experience my parties get inspired in one way or another; whether it be just being a little more mindful of the things we like to put in kids goody bags; finding more natural things that are good for our kids such as gifting natural chapstick, as opposed to some others that have lots of chemicals in it; eating and feeding others food that is good quality with those you care about; or just feeling free to be expressive in all the ways you can express yourself.

I like how all my parties try to cater to the large age group (babies to adults) and all genders. I love everyone can throw a hands on party that can be customized, based on your budget. If you want to throw a hair salon inspired party, please comment or email me and I can try to help pick a few crafts from my party, that I think would be good fit for your party size.

I would say my parties are usually over the top when I have a theme going on; it goes with my personality and is part of me embracing all the exciting things life has to offer.

Looking back on the party , however, I would’ve probably been okay taking out 1-2 crafts, because it was more than enough for the size of my party and size of my house.

You can add even more items if you have a very large space and even do a music video to conclude the party outdoors if you have a yard.

Have you ever had a salon or makeover themed party? What were some items or crafts you had that I didn’t list here? Please share in the comments below!

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