Why kids do so much art? Why is art important in early childhood and beyond?

After becoming mom, I find myself often reflecting on all things in life.

I spend lots of time researching things to see what’s the best way to treat earth so that my kids can have a better tomorrow.

I find myself focusing on what’s I can show my kids how to be a true to themselves and kind to others.

I find myself as a teacher, a parent, a child, a sister and try to put myself in everyone’s shoes, to better understand them.

I find myself being daring, trying things I was once shy about.

I find myself giving my kids advice on being brave and adventurous.

I find myself challenging myself, the way I challenge my kids to think about questions they have and how to go about finding the answers to it.

I now find myself doing art, more so than I’ve ever done. All my days of teaching were predominantly art based projects. It was done on a daily basis, all day through drawing, story telling, listening and creating.

I’ve been encouraged to visit my child’s classrooms and share some of the things I learned as a teacher and parent.

I find myself taking on a big role in my children’s schools , in every way I can to grow with them.

It made me reflect on why kids do so much art!

I see people on social media go to art class,painting, cooking or creating things and it made me reflect on why we, as adults choose to do art.

I’ve met friends and people who has all done art; some more confident than others in their abilities and I think about why that is. Why are some shy to share their talents? Why are some fearful to try? Why do some love to share?

In retrospect, I think all comes down to our childhood and the type of people that surrounded us. Aren’t we all children at heart? We like to be happy and fed. We like to be encouraged and praised. We flourish best when those who surrounds us empowers us and motivates the growth of our being.

Art does that. The more you art, the more you start to realize art is embedded in our lives and shares bits and pieces of who we are as unique, one of a kind individuals.

Art is about developing yourself. It’s taking baby steps to try new things and trying to understand things other people create and respecting their point of view.

Art is you and you are one of a kind. You are special because there is no one like you.

So be mindful of the way you project your character into the world- your art shines everywhere you go. Your art shows the who you are and what you’ve been through. Your art shows others they are never alone… everyone is connected in art…in life… in being.

Life is about sharing who you are to the world, and finding not IF we connect, but HOW, WHERE and WHY we connect.

You can read more about Connecting Through Art here, in the first of several of my Connecting through Art Reflections.

What does art mean to you?

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