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A whimsical, silly and highly imaginative book on “Dreaming Big!” This is a great book to get as a gift for graduates and birthdays. It talks about how mind-boggling it is for some people to  dream of material and practical things, such as furniture and hats; about going to work, and what you may find people doing in their daily routines. It encourages people to dream of even bigger things that may seem unattainable and even just outright hilarious; like cars powered by jellybeans, because cars powered by fuel just isn’t as super; things that no one would dream of existing like flying bikes and “…dancing wild animals with diamond-coated wings”.


I LOVE this book and the Activity Sheets it contains! I must have gifted this to almost every person who graduated, whether I know them well, or not. It is a book to empower the mind. It is motivational, fun and inspiring. I like how it doesn’t talk down any ideas completely; it is sensitive to how it says things. It will say people can think of walking their cats or dogs; or owning fancy furniture; but encourage you to think of other things that are even more SUPER! They ask you to picture a dream you would have and tell you to magnify it to 10x more that, are you getting the vibe of this book yet? Towards the end, you can make inferences to how thinking out of the box and dreaming big can help solve some problems the world may have, such as creating a greener world somehow.  the only very small negative I would say, if you would even call it that is that the author hints at the idea that walking your dog or going for a run is not considered a big dream; but I think that is a bit subjective to the person and their situation. A person who say, hurt his leg while running, may find running a marathon for the first time since to be an amazingly great dream! Maybe adding  wings to his marathon shirt can make it even more fantastical? If a person who has always wanted a pet dog, never got to own one; finally earned up money to buy one, I would think that can be a pretty big dream accomplished, no? I think the point of the book is, even when you think you are done dreaming, keep dreaming and keep going, always. In conclusion, I think I just totally disputed my little “negative” on this book; I think it’s perfection.

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