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This is a book filled with all the fundamentals of preparing a child for what they can expect at school. The author cleverly uses each letter of the alphabet to correlate with a school themed word(s) or phrases, such as using the word “Ask” for the letter A, “Be” for the letter “B”, “Cooperate” for C, “Include others” for I and so on.

Each concept gives a brief explanation on what the word or sentence implies. For example, the author elaborates on the phrase “Respect others” and explain by saying how respect can mean saying “Please” and “thank you”, being kind to others when they make a mistake, and not saying things that are mean to others.


I was delighted when Free Spirit Publishing sent me this book for review! It ties perfectly into the Back to School Theme posts and upcoming giveaway I will be working on in August.

My kids pointed out that there was the complete alphabet (upper and lower case) listed across the top ledge of each page highlighting the letter that is being discussed. The eagerly looked for the letter across the top bar on every page.

Olivia is starting Kindergarten in September and Ayla will be starting PreK. They love the book and sit through the entire story pointing at the scenarios and faces of the children in the illustrations. Each page is a wealth of information and great for discussion. This book gives me confidence that they will be well prepared in September. I like how it empowers students to ask questions, be themselves and gives examples of realistic situations that can happen at school. On one page, the author talks about moving past mistakes and forgiveness. Depending on the child or group of children, it may help to read the book in parts to better understand the ideas on each page.

This book has so many pivotal topics of discussion that it inspired me to do an extension of this book review. I will be doing a post sometime in August on how to read the book in parts and elicit discussion from the ideas shared on each page.

I plan to gift this book for the Around the World tier of my Half Year Celebration/ Back to School Giveaway, as a means to include participants residing outside the US. My main giveaway is only available for US participants. You can read more about my First Giveaway here and Around the World giveaway here.

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