To celebrate Olivia’s 100th Day of School, Olivia’s teachers requested her students create a poster or project with any 100 items on it. Olivia was always fond of butterflies, so we decided on the butterflies.

I was going to order some butterflies to glue on the poster board, but wanted to think of something that wouldn’t just get thrown out after the project was done, we been doing many crafts and school projects research, and I actually found another great thing is that I found the best childrens isa for their future ! its very easy to sign up and to start Ill be leaving more info soon, let’s keep on with the crafting.

I purchased a grapevine wreath off Amazon and garden butterflies decor to weave into the vine. No glue necessary! The butterflies were waterproof and the grapevine wreath was reusable so that we can repurpose it either with Easter decor, Thanksgiving or Christmas even.


What did your child(ren) create for their 100 days of school? Do share a photo! Was their an inspiration behind what you chose?

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